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Your customers expect more.

Deliver it with a customised CRM system that accelerates productivity, enhances efficiency and creates a seamless customer experience.

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Stand out for all the right reasons.

When you work with ixRM to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your business, we make sure your CRM system has all the things you need and none of the things you don’t.

Let’s give your teams the customised CRM system that helps them generate more leads, close more sales, deliver marketing with real results, and provide customer service that your rivals just can’t, well, rival.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does more than provide a system for you to store and manage data; after all, the real power of data lies in what you do with it. The system’s advanced analytics allow you to make smarter decisions. Not enough? Across departments so you can always see the bigger picture. More? With insights and recommendations from intuitive AI.

Working with ixRM powers your business to do more, to do it faster, and to do it better.

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Because one size doesn’t fit all.

When we implement your customised CRM system, you’re not left high and dry trying to figure out how to get the best out of it. You’ll need to get your teams up to speed with the system that’s about to make things a whole lot easier. Our bespoke training and support ensures your teams hit the ground running with using the CRM system in their day to day roles.

The best part? Just like your business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 won’t be standing still. With product updates, new releases and increased capabilities, we’ll help you keep up with the latest innovative features that will keep your system, and your business, ready for the future.


"We’re very happy with ixRM.... enjoyed a very professional and committed service... They have been excellent"

Mark Poarch, BRACE

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CRM for Transport

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CRM for Business

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The Process

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