5 signs your CRM isn't right for your organisation

16th August 2019

It’s so frustrating. You invested in a CRM system so your workforce could work more efficiently and productively, for seamlessness between departments, to help reach targets, and of course to improve customer relationships and the performance of the company; but it’s just not working the way you hoped.

You followed your implementation plan to the letter, got your team behind the system – and they underwent comprehensive training. But using the system is still a struggle.

CRM systems should be providing a whole host of benefit to your company, not making things harder. But there isn’t any such thing as a one-size-fits-all system – you need one that’s the right fit for your organisation.

Here’s 5 signs that your current CRM system may not be the one for you.

#1 It’s unreliable

A system that can’t be relied upon is very little use. If your CRM system is frequently crashing, slow, or refusing to cooperate with your staff, then they’re going to spend more time fighting with it than they are doing their jobs. They’ll become less productive, not more so. Replacing the system with one that’s not only functional, but perfectly suited to the needs of your workforce will turn things around dramatically (and your IT department will certainly thank you for it!).

#2 It duplicates work

A good CRM system makes things far more efficient – data should only need inputting once, and it should be shared across all platforms. If your staff are spending time adding information to a whole host of different systems, then it’s time wasted. The best CRM for your business incorporates a number of different programs, including email marketing, social media, and analytics – and automatically syncs the information across them.

#3 It isn’t user-friendly

If the usability of your CRM system isn’t great, then you need a new one. The best systems are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Interfaces and functions that are hard to use and time-consuming stop your company from performing at its best.

If your staff are unable to navigate the system with ease, after undergoing sufficient training, then it’s the software itself that’s at fault.

CRM systems that work more efficiently also result in far happier staff – and happier staff are naturally more productive.

#4 Finding client information is a challenge

One of the most basic, yet most valuable features of any CRM system is the ability to look up customers, and organise them, based on specific details. It should be possible to search for contacts by subject field, as well as view all information on a particular customer, quickly and easily.  If it’s not possible to do these things within your current system – or you find you have problematic gaps in information – then it’s definitely time for a new one. Your staff shouldn’t need to look up customer information elsewhere – and if they are doing so, that’s a big red flag.

#5 It isn’t tailored to your company

Your CRM system should be suited to both your industry and your particular organisation. Passenger 365 is created specifically for operating companies within the transport industry – and it can be further customised so that it aligns perfectly with your processes and does what you need it to do.

CRM shouldn’t make life harder for you and your employees – it should be doing the opposite. A well designed and implemented CRM system should make processes more reliable and efficient and the results should speak for themselves. And if they don’t – it’s likely that your company and your current system just aren’t a match made in heaven. But never fear, there are plenty more fish in the sea. There’s the perfect CRM out there for everyone, so don’t waste your time kissing frogs.

If you’re in the transport industry and your current CRM system is giving you – and your staff – a headache, then get in touch with ixRM to discuss your requirements and how a switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 could benefit your company.

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