We know CRM systems can be overwhelming.

Not everyone is a software expert or a developer, so that can make investing your time and money into a new system pretty scary. But when you work with a company you trust, you don’t need in-depth coding knowledge to know you’re getting the right thing for your organisation.

That’s why ixRM was founded; we believe in balancing amazing technology and world-class innovation with unwavering transparency, that lets our clients know we’re doing the right thing for them; always. So, CRM system implementation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming, after all.


Why ixRM?

When Karen and Dave set up ixRM, they knew they weren’t setting up your run-of-the-mill CRM software consultancy. The impact of CRM systems done right is astounding and that was the key – “done right”. Not done right for the consultancy (you won’t find any shady coding here that keeps you tied in to a provider you no longer want, or prevents you from getting the latest system updates), but done right for the client. It’s customised for client needs now, and implemented for flexibility in the future.

As ixRM has grown, Karen and Dave have built a company and a team that implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the way that works for each individual organisation. How? Because they know their tech, and because they get to know their clients. It’s that simple.

With our approach that puts both customers and expert technical knowledge at the centre, it’s time to see what working with ixRM can do for your organisation.

We're a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Implementing and consulting on a product that’s forever growing and becoming more, means working with a team that can do the same; that’s why the little badge that tells you we’re a Microsoft Silver partner is so important. It shows our ongoing dedication to developing our team, enhancing their skills and demonstrating consistently high standards. It’s how you know we’re not only experts at what we do, but we’re committed to continuous improvement, too.

We know what’s important

What’s important to you is important to us, so we’ve woven it into every aspect of how we work. From the team we’ve built to supporting our local community, we hold everyone who’s part of ixRM to high standards and strong values.

ixRM - CRM Consultancy

We're fair.

Being fair isn’t always easy, but it’s always right. That means we don’t avoid honest conversations with our clients, we hold ourselves accountable and we behave with integrity. You’ll always get the truth from us, from product capability to pricing and everything in between. In other words, we’re decent human beings first and foremost.

ixRM - CRM Consultancy

We're inquisitive.

We love asking questions and seeking more knowledge. That keeps us experts in our field and experts in our clients. Everyone experiences unique challenges and we want to be the problem-solvers. We know you can’t get the right answer if you don’t ask the right questions.

ixRM - CRM Consultancy

We're imaginative.

We look to the future and think of creative ways to make things better. The small things can make a big difference, so we apply our inventive thinking to even the smallest of details. We think of new ways to transform and apply what we do to have a real impact on those around us. 

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