What are the benefits of using CRM?

20th March 2018

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system used by both large and small scale organisations to help them perform better. It involves using specialist software to collect customer information and organise and manage it efficiently. The benefits of using CRM are multi-fold:

Better customer relations

Having a CRM system in place means that all interactions with customers will be carried out in an organised and consistent way. CRM also helps companies to understand more about their customers and to improve their service based on feedback received. This increased level of understanding can in turn lead to better customer loyalty and higher satisfaction. In the long term this can mean more sales as well as a higher likelihood that they will recommend your products or services to others.

Targeted marketing

Understanding your customers in detail allows much more targeted marketing campaigns to be carried out. For example you can shape campaigns to reach more profitable segments, meaning that money spent in these areas will lead to a good return on investment. Similarly, you can use data which has been collected to ensure that the right potential customers are targeted. For example by choosing those who have not yet bought a certain product, rather than everyone on a mailing list.

Enhanced internal communications

Having a CRM system can help different sections of a company work together. Sharing customer data and profiles and communicating with each other will help improve the overall level of understanding and service provided.

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