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27th March 2020

Your CRM and working from home

Working from home doesn’t have to be the challenge it once was. When you introduce a cloud based CRM system to your business …

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13th March 2020

What are the benefits of automation in business?

At ixRM, we help make your business processes as smooth and as easy as possible.

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6th March 2020

Stormy weather and the railway

With storms Ciara, Dennis and Ellen causing chaos over the past few weeks, there has been a significant impact on travel industries across the country.

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20th December 2019

Public transport in 2020 – what could be in store for the UK?

As 2019 draws to a close and we hurtle into the next decade (yes, really!), we take a moment to look over some of the possibilities …

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13th December 2019

4 big email marketing blunders – and how to avoid them

Email. It’s undeniable that it’s revolutionised business – and marketing has had to move with the times. Email marketing is a …

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6th December 2019

Decoding the jargon: A short guide to CRM related acronyms

We’ve all been there. You’re concentrating on taking care of business and someone starts spouting acronyms at you …

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29th November 2019

Why your CRM system is your company’s biggest asset

What would you say is your organisation’s greatest asset? Your customers? Your people? Maybe the processes you have in place? …

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22nd November 2019

Boosting your team’s productivity: How CRM can help

It goes without saying that the more efficient your employees are, the greater the benefits for your business. So why wouldn’t you want your team to be …

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15th November 2019

Ticketless travel: the advantages of smartcards and contactless payments for public transport

This summer saw the launch of contactless payments on Manchester’s Metrolink tram system – meaning that the city now joins the likes of New York, London, Singapore, Rio and …

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8th November 2019

Personalised email marketing: the benefits

No one likes receiving irrelevant marketing emails. It’s irritating at the very least, and can even go so far as making you feel that the brand in question doesn’t understand …

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