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21st August 2020

Signs you need a sales coach

We all know sales is a competitive industry. And just like any other competitor, we often need the help of a coach to fulfil our full potential. It’s true coaches help with technique but what they can really help you with is your mindset – the way you approach the challenges in your sales career. […]

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14th August 2020

How can we improve gender diversity in STEM roles?

There isn’t a single person in society who hasn’t been affected by the innovations of technology. The impact on our daily lives is monumental. For a long time, the people coming up with these innovations all looked and thought very much alike. However, the growing diversity within STEM roles means a whole new perspective on […]

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7th August 2020

Tips for staying positive in sales

Working in sales is as much about talent as it is about mindset. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, your customers will see through it. Anyone who has experienced a sales role will tell you to get ready for a lot of rejection; it’s a tough industry and it’s certainly not for everyone. […]

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31st July 2020

Telephone customer service support: why you still need it in 2020

In the past 50 years, we’ve seen huge technological advancements. This innovation trajectory is likely to continue. Who knows where we’ll be in another 50 years? With the introduction of online customer service portals – FAQ’s pages, live chats and email, it was predicted that phone support was likely to diminish. However, it would seem […]

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24th July 2020

The challenges faced by companies implementing new digital strategies in a post COVID world.

The last few months of the lockdown has highlighted to many businesses their need for digital transformation. Not only the implementation of new software and infrastructure but also the need for comprehensive training for employees in order to maximise results. As we start moving forward into the ‘post COVID world’, it’s likely many businesses will […]

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17th July 2020

What’s next for public transport after Coronavirus?

There isn’t a single industry in the country that hasn’t been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, whether that’s for better or worse. It’s safe to say that during the height of the lockdown, our colleagues in the public transport industry took a heavy knock, with hugely reduced capacity leaving some services empty or non-existent.

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10th July 2020

The benefits of a CRM to businesses

We talk a lot at ixRM about how a CRM can make a difference to your business.  We’ve discussed the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in our second blog this week. But we understand there’ll be smaller businesses out there wondering whether it’s worthwhile making the investment in such  technology. Whether you’re a large corporation […]

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The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

Why Microsoft Dynamics? Well, for starters, when you choose Dynamics, you choose the power of Microsoft. That in itself means something. You know you’ll be getting the best of the best when it comes to innovations and improvements to your software. Microsoft Dynamics really does provide a 360 degree approach to improving your business process, […]

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