Boosting your team’s productivity: How CRM can help

22nd November 2019

It goes without saying that the more efficient your employees are, the greater the benefits for your business. So why wouldn’t you want your team to be the most productive that they can be? The right CRM system can help you well on your way. Read on for some of the reasons why.

One central system

At its most simple, a CRM system is a shared database for storing all information that you hold on each of your customers, along with a history of all transactions and communication with them.

Implementing such a system eliminates all of the staff time that’s wasted hunting down the required information. Without CRM, notes and data tend to be stored in spreadsheets, at best; and at worst, scribbled on scrappy sheets of paper, or your employees’ heads. Either way, they aren’t easily shareable.

If all such information is entered into a cloud-based CRM system, it can be accessed by your teams, anytime, anywhere. No wasted time, and no worry of it getting lost during desk tidy-ups or when staff members leave your company. The full customer record is easily viewable so any future dealings are efficient and accurate. Permission levels can even be added so that financial or sensitive information isn’t visible to all users.

Seamless working

CRM bridges the gap between your organisation’s departments, allowing them to work seamlessly alongside each other, whilst benefitting from any information or insights that the other teams have.

This saves considerable amounts of time. And not only for your teams, but for customers too. If a customer should have an issue and contact your company, then a CRM system allows an employee to resolve the problem far more quickly and with less fuss. And the happier customers are with your services, the better it is for your reputation – and your bottom line.


The ability of CRM system to automate certain processes can save huge amounts of your staff’s valuable time – meaning that they can focus on more important tasks.

For example, automated emails can be sent out to customers at various points along the sales process. Quotes can be produced with the click of a button. And periodic reports can also be auto-generated.

Quicker processes

Badly performing systems and long-winded processes waste a great deal of time. So free your employees from them with a tailored CRM system. Additional time-saving software can also be integrated, such as electric document signing software – so that paperwork can be signed and confirmed in a fraction of the time.

Reducing training time

When all processes are integrated into one system, new recruits can be trained far more quickly. Simple.

Of course, CRM isn’t a full solution on its own. Implementing such a system magically transform your company into an efficient, seamlessly functioning one. But it’s an incredibly powerful tool, and one you wouldn’t want to do without.

If you’d like to discuss how a tailored CRM system could improve the productivity of your organisation, then do feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

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