How can relationship selling work for you?

17th January 2018

For any business, it is extremely important to stay informed about new ways to increase sales. In this modern day and age, seemingly every aspect of our lives is being influenced by technology, and it is especially important that businesses adapt with the changing nature of the industry.

Microsoft has recently updated its Dynamics 365 software to help businesses with their sales figures. This enhancement will drastically change how your business can connect with your customers through the use of customer insights and relationship sales and it is hoped that the new integration between Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn will ultimately help sales teams and salespeople achieve better results.

Using insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn’s 500 million professionals, the Microsoft Relationship Sales method can increase the effectiveness of salespeople. The sales teams of your business will use Relationship Selling to tap into their professional networks and relationships to help.

Microsoft Relationship Sales, which combines Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn, brings together the best of Microsoft’s cloud services to uniquely address these sales challenges. Some key benefits include:

1. Better quality leads, find the optimal path to the buyer, and provide recommendations based on all your past interactions with the account.

2. Leverage artificial intelligence to provide sellers with next-best actions, improve lead scoring and to automatically generate new lists for multichannel campaigns.

3. Streamline your decision-making processes through embedded intelligence with leading BI, analytics, and reporting features.

4. Increase sales rep productivity and time spent selling through integration with Office 365.

A recent survey by Nucleus Research found Microsoft Relationship Sales can increase productivity by around 12-15%.

At ixRM, we help you understand what you need from a CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, and how it can be used to improve the way you are currently working. If you are interested in learning more about Relationship Selling or how it can work for your business speak to a member of our team on 0113 415 1615.

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