Communication is key: How your CRM will help you engage with new customers

15th May 2020

No matter your industry, communication with your clients and customers is an essential part of keeping your business moving and growing. Whether your preference is phone, email or face to face, the power of a CRM and Dynamics 365 can help make this process smoother for you and your team. Reshape your customer service offering and engage with your customers like never before. 

Keep an up to date and accurate pipeline.

Anyone in a business development position will know the importance of maintaining an accurate and realistic pipeline when it comes to potential new clients. In the Dynamics 365 sales suite, you will be able to forecast your upcoming deals with new clarity. 

Free up your time to go out and seek new opportunities; your CRM will keep up with you. Mobile compatibility means you can focus on the important things, meeting your new customers. Uploading your experiences into your CRM will in turn feed into the next stage of the process; marketing to your new clients. 

Create synergy between your marketing and customer service. 

Customers respond to a tailored and personalised service and this is what you can offer with your CRM. Grab the attention of your new customers with appropriate and enticing messaging. Use your customer insights to build the profiles of the people you engage with. Not only will you be able to feed this information back to your marketing team for future communications, your customer service experience will improve. 

Distribute materials that will attract the customers you want. These insights will also mean you can adjust your offering accordingly. If it turns out your marketing efforts aren’t attracting the customers you initially aimed for, you will be able to analyse and respond at record speed. You’ve then set yourself up perfectly to engage with your clients within your customer service teams. 

Generate referrals from your outstanding customer service. 

The old saying is that ‘people buy people’ and this is why it’s crucial for businesses to invest in making sure communication is as effective as it can possibly be. Your customers will remember their experience and it’s important to maximise the power of social proof. Hand it over to your loyal existing customers to drive people towards your business. 

You can then start the process all over again – putting your new potential client in your pipeline, targeting them with specific marketing messages and using your outstanding customer service to drive them to refer others to your business. 

At ixRM, we’re passionate about helping businesses transform their processes with the marriage of our expert team and the power of Microsoft. We talked more about the benefits of making an investment in a CRM system in our previous blog. Harness the power of your people with the intuition of Dynamics 365 to create seamless communication between your business and your customers.

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