CRM and happy employees

7th June 2019

There’s no doubt about it; the performance of your employees directly affects the success of your company. Employee performance is linked to many different factors – these may vary due to context, but there’s one that remains consistent and is all too often overlooked; happiness.

Not only do happier employees contribute to a more pleasant office environment – another factor affecting performance – but according to research by the University of Warwick, they’re up to 12% more productive. Conversely, unhappy employees were found to be 10% less productive. In fact, it’s been discovered that the brain works more effectively when that person is feeling positive – as this makes people more creative,  better team-players and improves problem solving skills. The emotional well-being of your workforce has a huge impact on their performance, and in turn on your company as a whole.

The use of CRM – customer relationship management – software, not only increases productivity directly, but it also increases the happiness of your workforce, which is a great thing, not only for the employees, but for you too.

So, how does CRM make employees happier?

It empowers your employees

In order to be happy, employees need to feel empowered to do their job effectively. Ill-performing systems and time-consuming processes not only waste time that they could spend on more valuable work, but make them feel frustrated and demotivated. CRM systems can save your staff a great deal of time, as all data is consolidated into one central location – and having all relevant information allows them to feel confident in the service that they provide.

The efficiency provided by the system assists each employee with meeting deadlines and managing their workload, reducing stress and allowing greater job satisfaction.

It motivates the workforce

Engaged employees are happier in their jobs. Another benefit of CRM systems is that they can be used to track results and quantify goals for each staff member. Therefore, top performers can be identified and you’re then able to recognise them accordingly, which can motivate all staff to perform at their best. 69% of employees claim that they’d work harder if they were given more recognition where it was due.

The data also allows you to see where improvements could be made and provide feedback and training where appropriate, giving the opportunity for your staff to improve.

It results in happier customers – which means happier staff

CRM software is frequently hailed as a godsend for customers – increased speed and quality of service results in greater levels of customer satisfaction. And this in turn has an effect on your workforce – after all, happy customers make happy employees. And vice-versa. It really is a win-win situation.

Your employees are your biggest asset. As we’ve mentioned, happy staff aren’t only rewarding for you personally, they also equate to more success for your company. And there’s another benefit; happy staff want to stay in their jobs. And no one wants to lose their biggest asset.

To discuss how a CRM system could improve things for your workforce, and your company as a whole, get in touch with us here.

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