Service they’ll shout about.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is; customer service is what really gets people talking about your company. Make it easy for your team to create unforgettable customer experiences with ixRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for customer service.


Key features for customer service teams.

  • Deliver a personalised experience your customers won’t forget, with all their information in one place
  • Communicate with your customers on the channels they prefer
  • Use AI insights to learn from your customers, solve problems faster and detect issues before they even arise
  • Bring together your sales, marketing and customer service teams in one system

Make being outstanding, easy.

From start to finish, your team will be able to help your customers with a seamless and simple system. Ever felt like you’ve had to say the same thing over and over, as you get passed from one customer service operative to another? We’ve all been there. Gone are the days of that infuriating repetition; Dynamics 365 keeps all your essential information and communications in one central hub, so your team knows exactly what’s going on every step of the way.

Your customers want to communicate with you in a way that suits them. With Dynamics 365, you can keep in touch across your various channels and log your important chats, so you’ll never miss a beat. Send your cases to the right person at the right time, even if they’re in a different department, while AI helps your team to solve specific customer problems by intuitively recommending the right information. 

And it doesn’t stop with your customer service team; implementing Dynamics 365 creates synergy between your sales, marketing and customer service teams like never before, resulting in a customer journey that keeps them coming back time and again.

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