Your sales process, made easy.

Cut out the excess noise with a CRM system that has all the features you need, so your sales team can stay motivated to do what they do best.



Key features for sales teams

  • Quick and easy access to invoices and quotes 
  • Keep track of all your important conversations with comprehensive logs
  • Advanced analytics allow for reliable forecasting and reporting that can keep up with your busy team
  • Available on mobile devices so your team has everything they need at their fingertips
  • Set up clear pipelines and nurture important leads

Give your sales team more time to sell.

If your sales team are getting bogged down in spreadsheets or they’re avoiding your current CRM system like the plague, it’s time to implement a CRM system in a way that’s right for your business. From detailed pipelines to swift access to the things you really need, and celebrating your victories with a tailored analytics interface delivered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll inspire a results-driven team that increases your profitability.

With AI-powered insights and real-time data to improve performance, build stronger relationships and make smarter decisions faster, your sales team will be able to do more of what works while making forecasting fear a thing of the past.

If you’re worried about missing those nuggets of information when out on the road, the worry stops here. Like your sales team, Dynamics 365 is also on the move. Mobile compatibility means you and your team never have to miss a thing.

With ixRM on your side and Dynamics 365 in your engine, it’s time to make it easier for your team to grow your sales revenue.

Case study

TLG - Transforming Lives for Good

Background: TLG use Microsoft Dynamics 365, and have done for about four years.  They use it mainly for their donor and supporter database which is key for their organisation.  ixRM took over the full global administration and technical support for the platform from another Dynamics provider in late 2018.

The Problem: Things just weren’t really working for them. TLG staff weren’t able to use the system with any confidence at all and the team felt like they spent more time inputting data than they ever had the opportunity to save by having information on a central database.  They were frustrated and disappointed due to the fact that they had received little to no training on how to use the system properly.

The Solution: ixRM made transformational changes to TLG’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 by restructuring and rewriting elements of the software so that the teams could better utilise the system.  They also integrated Click Dimensions which pulls data from the TLG websites directly into Dynamics saving staff significant time by eliminating manual inputting of data.  ixRM also undertook some training for key members of staff, enabling one of the main users to become an in-house expert and make tweaks to the system.  For anything outside of this TLG quickly and easily revert back to ixRM’s support.

Why ixRM? To put it simply, the experts at ixRM were quickly able to identify why the system wasn’t working well. They gave clear timescales and costings which they adhered to and were a pleasure to deal with.

Conclusion: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now working extremely well for TLG, so much so that they are looking to make further changes to incorporate gift aid as well as potential collaboration and automation with a brand new finance system.   All the issues that were causing problems back in 2018 have been resolved and no one can recall any downtime to the system either!

“I can’t recommend ixRM highly enough to you.  They inherited a Dynamics structure that needed some significant changes to be made to it and have turned the system around into a position where it is now the central powerhouse for our core Donor / Supporter data management solution.”

Joel Green, TLG

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