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Dynamics 365 enables you to simplify the airport experience for your passengers with one easy-to-use system. Manage all your important airport extras – the things that really matter to your customers – whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure. 

Air travel can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Dynamics 365 provides you and your passengers with processes that are simple, efficient and effortless.


Key features.

  • Seamless sales, customer service and marketing processes. 
  • Promotion of what your airport has to offer. 
  • Passenger related analytics. 
  • Management of online check ins, baggage handling and flight information.

The gateway to success.

Staying in touch with your customers has never been easier. With Dynamics 365, your customer service team will be able to update crucial passenger information at the touch of a button. From accommodating special assistance requests and updating flight times, to online check in and baggage claims, Dynamics 365 makes the airport experience something to enjoy. 

Your sales team will be able to generate extra revenue from additional journey options. For example, reserved airport parking, airport lounge access and online upgrades. Using in-built passenger analytics, your marketing team will know exactly what your customers need and want. 

Let’s create the perfect blend of increased sales, targeted marketing and exceptional customer service with Dynamics 365.

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