Your ticket to a smoother service.

Attract new passengers, and keep existing ones travelling on your service, with ixRM and Passenger 365.

Make passenger communication better and personalise their journey with a CRM system developed to help your bus operating company grow.


Key Features.

  • Run powerful targeted marking campaigns to promote your services
  • Real time service updates for passengers
  • Track all conversations and seamlessly handle complaints

Your bus service, at its best.

When it comes to bus travel, we’re talking bums on seats. Literally. Bring more people to your services by letting them know more about what’s important to them; spread the word about your latest app, your support for disabled passengers or student and seniors discounts. Deliver targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease that makes sure you get the right information to the right people, just when they need it.

Make things simple for your teams and passengers with a tailored CRM system that allows you to keep all your customer information in one place, helps your customer service team keep better control of cases, find smarter resolutions and deliver a really personal experience. Handling complaints and enquiries doesn’t have to be hard work when you know your system keeps track of SLAs, enables automated follow-ups and even supports easy responses to your passengers through content blocks and templates.

Get your customer service team and engineers in sync with a system that brings internal departments together and promotes collaboration to get the job done quicker. And to top it all off, Passenger 365 can even integrate with your other systems to help your service stay connected.

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