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If you’re an operating company that puts your passengers at the centre of everything you do, Passenger 365 helps you keep them there.

Today’s passengers expect more than ever from rail companies, and so do the regulators. From smoother complaints handling and better communication, to marketing to the right people, you need a CRM that supports you in delivering amazing journeys.


Key Features.

  • Instant communication updates
  • Effortlessly generate compliant reports for ORR
  • Delay validation, less duplicate and fraudulent delay repay claims
  • Manage complaints and other passenger comments
  • Lost property handling
  • Compensation calculator

Powering growth and passenger satisfaction.

The rail industry is fast paced and full of change, so we know you’ve got a lot to think about and a lot to get right.

When it comes to journey planning, your passengers need information that’s accessible and correct. Whether you’re talking timetable changes, industry updates, or disruption to routes, easily keep your passengers in the loop with Passenger 365. 

With connections to TCS Delay Repay, your teams can spend less time dealing with the inevitable challenges of the transport industry. Fraudulent claims, customer complaints and lost property will become a breeze. Passenger 365 means you can focus on what’s important.

Gather information about what your customers need and want from your business. Tailor your marketing message to not only communicate your products and services, but also send personalised marketing content. Who doesn’t like to feel special once in a while? It’s that personal touch that keeps your passengers happy and travelling on your service, time and again.







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