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26th June 2020

In construction, it’s critical to keep a handle on your new clients. This includes managing their data in a way that’s compliant with GDPR regulations. Using a thorough CRM can help you keep all your accounts under one roof and keep your data secure. These are just some of the ways that ixRM and Dynamics 365 can help. Dynamics 365 is a state-of-the-art CRM with the capability to make sure you can shelve your worries about GDPR compliance. 

Protection, built in.

Knowing your client’s data is protected is a good feeling. When you install Dynamics 365, you don’t need to worry about additional security software – it’s right there ready for you. You’ll have the power of Microsoft in your corner. Dynamics 365 is built using Microsoft’s mandatory Security Development Lifecycle meaning you can be sure compliance is literally embedded into every phase of the development process. 

The SDL system has evolved dramatically since its inception in 2004. With the advances in cloud technology and artificial intelligence, security requirements and compliance regulations have both had to keep up, too. Whether you’re a mobile, tablet or desktop user, Microsoft is on your side. 

Restricted role-based access.

It’s a good idea to be clear on who has access to what within your CRM. You can then set clear role-specific access restrictions to limit who can see what data in your system. This will reduce the chances of human error or data being shared unnecessarily or inappropriately. GDPR aside, establishing a clear CRM hierarchy will make the day to day running of your business a lot smoother.  

Dynamics 365 uses Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory to provide multi-factor authentication to keep your system safe and secure. This software can protect you, your team and your data from 99.9% of potential cyber attacks. Azure Privileged Identity Management reduces the risks attached to administrative privileges using a combination of access control, reporting and management. 

Audit capabilities. 

Auditing is a large part of the GDPR regulations; they give businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their accountability and compliance. Be ready for anything with Dynamics 365. The system has the functionality to log changes to accounts and also track user access. This can all be reviewed at an appropriate time. 

When it comes to your audit, there are several operations that can be up for review including creation, modification and deletion of records. You’ll also have clear access to who’s accessed the system and when in addition to who updated a record. See a clear picture of your CRM activity with Dynamics 365. 

GDPR compliance is no joke; it’s something we’ve all had to learn and adapt to. We talked more about how using a CRM can help you stay on the straight and narrow in our previous blog. When you work with Dynamics 365, you’re taking care of your sales, marketing and customer service in addition to your data protection. It really is an all round approach to managing your customers and your business. At ixRM, we’re dedicated to helping businesses who want to make positive changes.  To find out more about how a Dynamics 365 system delivered by ixRM can help your business contact us on 0113 415 1615.

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