Delivering better service in the public transport industry with CRM

12th April 2019

When it comes to delivering a great service in the public transport industry, you’ll need a CRM system that can keep up with your busy customer services agents and the demands of your passengers. As travellers begin to expect more from your service than just travel, a CRM is how you monitor what those expectations are so that you can continue to exceed them.

Shorter call waiting times

Your customers want to be able to call your representatives and not be on hold for hours to do so. A CRM system allows your agents to handle calls more effectively, give them quick and easy access to information on similar cases to give them the knowledge to solve problems faster and understand any previous contact this customer may have had with your business. You’ll also be able to collect data on busy times, allowing you to resource more effectively in the future.

More productive teams

As well as improving staff efficiency while handling calls, you’ll be able to ensure staff only handle calls when necessary. Through intelligent, interactive AI, your customers can contact you and have simple queries handled without needing to wait to speak to your agents. Your teams can also use the response builder tool, using predefined text blocks, to ensure communications with your customers are both faster and more consistent. The bonus? Your teams will have more time available to deal with more complex queries, and your customers will be able to get resolutions much faster.

Use the right channels

Your CRM system will allow you to understand where your customers are, and how they want to communicate, and it will help your agents manage communications across these various channels. You’ll be more visible in the right places, at the right time. Whether a passenger prefers email, phone calls or social media, you’ll know how they want to interact with you and you’ll be able to facilitate that interaction. Be where your customers want you to be, when they want you to be there.

Making interactions personal

A great CRM system allows you to capture, analyse and use customer data to improve your services and processes. Getting frequent complaints about a particular issue at a specific location? You’ll be able to spot patterns like these using your CRM data so that you can respond much faster to problems as they arise. You’ll also be able to communicate more effectively with your customers, understanding their frequent routes and travel habits, and then be able to contact them about relevant products and services, and more effectively communicate changes to services and timetables that affect them. Passengers want a personal service, and they’re looking for operators that make it easy for them to use their services.

CRM systems are centred on collaboration and synergy across teams, powered by data. With the right CRM system, you’ll be able to provide the service your travel customers expect, and more. To find out more about how a CRM system can transform your transport organisation, contact us here.

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