Efficiency in sales management - what a CRM can do for you

12th June 2020

It’s important for construction businesses with a sales department to be efficient and in the know on their sales process. Without a clear sales process, businesses can easily lose their way and possibly miss out on valuable conversions. Sales managers and sales associates will have different requirements and it’s important your tech can keep up with you. If you’re in construction and you have a sales process, you need a CRM. 

Reduce the cost of sales.

Construction businesses have their own associated costs per sale. When auditing your sales process, it’s worth calculating the average cost of sale and setting a tangible CRM goal of reducing that cost. Simply divide your total spend by the revenue of the project to get your average CPS. 

By having all the resources you need for your sales in one place; communication logs, automated marketing suites and a customer service suite, you can save money on additional software you may have required previously. Rather than paying for more travel costs to get your team to meetings, invest in the technology that will allow them to give 100% without having to sacrifice for travel time. 

Plan and manage time more efficiently.

In the busy construction industry, time management is essential, especially when it comes to your sales. Different industries have different time constraints so it’s vital to be prepared and plan ahead. When you incorporate a CRM into your company, sales managers and teams can plan their time clearly and strategically. This will ensure everyone is kept up to speed and your process can run smoothly. 

This is when the automation of the CRM truly comes into its own. No longer will you need to be surrounded by spreadsheets or post-it notes to remind you when you need to follow up with your prospects. Set reminders and schedule personalised marketing to automatically go out to your prospects so you’ll never miss an opportunity again. 

Refine your sales process.

In construction, having a clear sales process is the first step to improving your efficiency and hopefully converting more sales. Your CRM can ensure that your sales process is a clear structure no matter your position within the business. 

Utilise your CRM to work with you every step of the way. From generating call lists to reminding users to follow up and comprehensive communication logs, your CRM should work for you, not the other way around. 

The pipeline and forecasting features will enable you to create a more accurate vision of the future. You’ll have a realistic and qualified picture of your pipeline, allowing teams to focus more clearly on good quality prospects and conversions. 

CRM systems can play a key factor in improving the efficiency in a construction business’ sales management. Dynamics 365 in particular boasts full sales, marketing and customer service suites meaning you can not only improve your sales process but your business strategy as a whole. At ixRM, we can help you take the first step by installing your CRM and providing training to your users, no matter what industry you may be.  If you’re in construction, find out more by registering on our free webinar here

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