Getting your team behind your CRM system

19th June 2019

When it comes to successful implementation of a new CRM system, the long-term benefits come from ensuring every user is it utilising the system to its full potential. As with most things in business, the true power comes from your people and your CRM system, new or existing, is no different.

1. Have a CRM training plan

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. To make sure your teams are using the CRM system, and crucially, using it well, you’ll need to have a training plan. This plan is not only to be used and followed immediately after you’ve put a new system in place; you’ll need to keep the plan up to date and use it to train new starters in your business as they join to ensure all your people continue to understand and use the system efficiently. And remember, a one-off training session won’t cut the mustard; give your team and your CRM system the time and attention they deserve to get to know one another.

2. Give people a reason to use the CRM system

If it’s not clear why you’ve introduced a new system, it’s not uncommon for staff to feel like you’ve brought them more admin for admin’s sake, or a new and more complicated way of doing the same thing they’ve always done. In the beginning, it will take a little longer to carry out tasks as your teams progress through your training plan. But, ultimately, the time and cost saving benefits of a CRM system can be huge for businesses, and more importantly to your staff, they can be massively beneficial to individuals within your business, too. Make sure you take the time to explain the benefits to the individuals on your teams; help them understand they won’t need to keep chasing each other for updates, or ever have those awkward phone calls where they have no idea who the client is or what they’ve spoken about, to name but a few. Find the benefits that are relevant to them and share them, so you’ll get their support and buy-in.

3. Keep up to date with CRM changes

As with all things, and especially all things tech, times change pretty quickly. As you update your CRM system and new functionality becomes available, make sure you communicate these changes, and factor them into your training plan, ensuring that everyone remains up to date with how to get the most out of your system. Staying on top of new features means you can find more ways to make your CRM more profitable, but you’ll need everyone in your teams to be proficient with these updates.

A CRM system is all about bringing people and teams together to find new and more efficient ways of working. Without your staff on board, you’ll never make the most of this powerful tool. Make it clear to everyone in your organisation that using a CRM system isn’t optional, it’s vital.

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