How small businesses will benefit from a CRM.

8th May 2020

We talk a lot at ixRM about how a CRM can make a difference to your business.  Our previous blog  about the benefits of introducing automation and the impact this can have on your business processes is worth reading But we know there’ll be smaller businesses out there wondering whether it’s worthwhile making the investment in such  technology. Whether you’re a large corporation or just starting out, a CRM will transform your way of working.

Unite your team. 

All of us have made remote working adaptations over the past few weeks. Was your business ready? When you introduce an innovative CRM to your small business, you won’t need to worry about any of your team being left behind. The intuitive sales, marketing and customer service suites means your team will be able to work quickly and efficiently no matter where they are. 

This will leave valuable time free for you and your team to be able to do the things that really matter. Whether that’s focusing on your next campaign or bringing your ideas together to grow your business. When you have a state-of-the-art CRM in place, your business will be looked after and ready for what the future has in store. 

Help your business stand out. 

For any small business, it’s important to stand out against competitors. When you invest in Dynamics 365, you benefit from the integrated marketing suite. Elevate your marketing campaigns to the next level and send your customers researched, tailored marketing messages. 

In addition to this, help your marketing to evolve with the analytics features. You’ll no longer have to speculate whether your work has been effective, you’ll have the facts right in front of you. Allowing you and your team to work more smartly and hit the nail on the head everytime. 

Increase your sales opportunities. 

For any business, it’s important to have a firm grasp on the extent of your opportunities when it comes to potential new clients. The comprehensive sales suite in Dynamics 365 means your team can log all the important chats with your prospects. You’ll no longer need to worry about ever needing to pass the baton between team members. All the information you need will be right at your fingertips, from communications to a realistic sales pipeline. 

At ixRM, we’re passionate about helping businesses big or small to utilise technology to the fullest to help their processes evolve. This is why we’re now offering, ‘Dynamics in a Day’; a unique package designed to help small businesses introduce Dynamics 365. Within this package, we’ll set up your system, carry out some basic configuration, set up your users and get your security up to scratch. On top of that, we’ll conduct some training for up to five users. And the best part? We’ll do this all for you remotely in one day. Yes, you read correctly; one day. For more information about Dynamics In A Day, including prices, head to our website and find out more about how we can help you transform the future of your business – in just one day.

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