How your CRM can help you win more tenders

10th May 2021

Business development is a critical part of anyone’s business strategy. It’s not enough to rely on existing, loyal clients. Diversifying and bringing in new contacts and business is all part of business growth. 

For many industries, including construction, the bidding and tendering process is a huge proportion of their business development. Without a system and processes in place, it’s easy for things to become chaotic. Worst case scenario, you lose opportunities you should have won because the bid has fallen by the wayside. 

But with a CRM system, you can start winning. Here’s how. 

Keeping track of your bids. 

One of the advantages of you having a hand in designing your CRM is that you can keep track of multiple projects at once. If you regularly have tenders coming up, set up the different stages in your process. This will allow you to clearly see the status of every application you’re currently bidding for. You’ll be able to prioritise the ones with the deadlines and shift the others accordingly. 

This way, you can ensure the quality of every bid because you’ll no longer be fighting against the clock trying to complete a task for a deadline you’d maybe forgotten about. 

Not only will dividing your process up improve the day to day workflow, you’ll be able to produce an accurate forecast of what’s potentially to come for your business. And any glimpse into the future is a useful tool to have in the kit.

Assigning account responsibilities. 

Once your users are all set, you’ll be able to assign specific tasks to specific people. No longer will the excuse ‘Oh, I thought they were looking after that bid’ be necessary. Should responsibilities change, you can adapt your system as necessary. Not only does it provide clarity for everyone in your team, it helps keep everyone accountable for their individual workload

Easily make notes on each tender. For example, if you intend to provide any discounts or adjustments. This way, any member of your team can pick that up at any point in the process and immediately be updated on the latest changes.

Store your successful tenders together.

If you’ve hit on to a winning formula, keep these all together in one system. Your contacts will each have their own account. If you’re bidding for their contracts multiple times, you can easily reference back to successful bids to help improve your chances of being successful again.

If you’re finding the tendering process is causing stumbling blocks in your business, don’t wait. Start winning today. If you’re working in the construction industry and need to get an idea of the bigger picture, check out ixRM’s CRM for construction. Don’t lose out on opportunities due to outdated technology. Let’s get you up to speed and winning those contracts.

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