How to import data in to Microsoft Dynamics 365

10th April 2018

As a Microsoft Partner, ixRM specialises in helping businesses to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Successful use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is dependent on the quality of data input and potential users may wonder how easy it will be to import data to their new system.

Before beginning to import data into Microsoft Dynamics 365, take a look at the quality of the data you want to import. The value of the data in your new CRM system will depend on its accuracy, and good data will increase the success of your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. You will need to plan before beginning to import data. This will reduce the likelihood of duplications or confused, useless data and will increase the chances of a successful implementation.

Also, consider where your data will come from. Sources may include Outlook contacts, spreadsheets, manual notes or legacy systems. Decide whether you can get all your data onto one type of source before importing, or import data from differing sources separately.

Before you begin to import data, consider what type of data you will import. Usually you are likely to want to import your Account and Contacts records, although you can import other data as well, such as leads. Decide whether to create customised fields or use the fields already provided before you begin to import data.

There are several ways to import data into your new CRM system.

You can enter data manually, import and track Outlook contacts, or use the Data Import Wizard to import spreadsheets for bulk data uploading.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has several other tools for you to use when you import data such as the useful Import Data Template to download a template for your data, which has pre-determined fields to help you get your data into the correct format for import.

Other useful tools when you begin to import data are Duplicate Detection, Bulk Editing and Bulk Delete in case you import faulty data or you want to update it.

For help with importing data successfully we have created several videos which you can view <a href=””>here</a>, or for any other issues with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, contact the dedicated specialists at ixRM on (0)44 113 415 1615.

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