Integrating your CRM in to your current systems

12th June 2020

Integrating your CRM with your current business systems can hugely increase productivity and cut out a large amount of menial tasks, particularly if you’re a DAC. Simply put, integration will mean your CRM and other applications will all be able to talk to each other and create a more streamline process for you and your teams. CRMs like Dynamics 365 have native software built in, but there will be others that will need to be linked up to your other existing systems. 

Manage your customer relationships.

As a DAC, one of the biggest benefits of CRM integration for your business is the impact it can have on your customer relationships. 

For example, when you link your CRM to your website, you can automatically generate a brand new profile every time someone fills in a contact form or makes an enquiry. This will then kick start a wider process that you can program within your CRM. If you use a particular marketing suite, this can also be linked. Create unique marketing materials that will automatically be sent out to your customers without breaking a sweat. 

With customers more concerned about use of their data, integrating your systems will also mean data will no longer be unnecessarily floating around different departments. Keep your files safe with a single integrated system. 

Reduced costs and admin. 

At ixRM, we’ve spoken previously about the benefits of automation in business. Whether you’re a DAC that operates purely out of a CRM or choose to use a wider range of systems, the same rules apply. There are opportunities to make savings in both valuable time and resources. 

Reduce the number of hours on tedious data entry, record deletion and other manual tasks that would have consumed the day. Eradicate the need for huge data exportation from your website to your CRM. In addition to this, your margin for human error will decrease exponentially. 

The cost associated with training will also decrease as your team will only have to learn to navigate a single new system as opposed to multiple different softwares. 

Increased mobility.

The integrated systems will mean increased maneuverability for your team. Throughout the customer journey, having a unified system will help with a number of things from the awareness stage all the way through to converting prospects. 

Your teams will have a much easier time collaborating across departments, all while keeping everyone else in the loop. Management will be able to keep a close eye on business operations at all times, ensuring the company processes are ticking over as they should be. This will also benefit anyone changing job roles within companies as they will have all the correct information in one place without constantly relearning systems. 

If you’re a DAC looking to improve efficiency, it might be time to research how you could start merging your systems to create a more proficient way of doing things. Whether that’s tying together your website enquiry form and your customer profiles or your marketing to your sales pipelines, there are ways in which you can make sure technology is always on your side. If you’d like to learn more about how a CRM can transform your processes, contact us today.

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