Key features you need for your pharmaceutical company CRM

29th March 2021

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, it’s all about building client trust and a good reputation. A great way to build that trust is by using CRM systems. 

Using a CRM system can lead to a 5% increase in customer retention. This in turn can lead to a 25% to 85% profit increase, depending on the industry. Those profit numbers could do wonders for your business.

This is where CRM systems come in. They help pharmaceutical companies to focus the right energy and time on their CRM in a way that ensures it benefits their customers and their business as much as possible.

What to think about in your pharmaceutical CRM. 

The main objectives of CRM systems include:

  • Improving business relationships 
  • Connecting with customers 
  • Streamlining processes
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boosting profits

CRM systems mostly focus on marketing, sales and customer service processes. In marketing, the CRM will give information on products, campaigns and customer profiles. 

In sales, the CRM can manage call centre activities and product configuration information. And in customer service, the CRM is the place to log those all important interactions with potential and current clients.

Customer database

The CRM stores all customer information in a database, no matter which member of staff the customer interacted with. That saves a lot of time for the sales team. 

All they need to do to check information about any communication or customer history is log into one system. It’s all there in one place. Not to mention, the CRM cleans the data up regularly and ensures it’s all up-to-date too.

Management of customer’s accounts

The CRM identifies key clients and develops sales models that specifically target each client. The sales team can then offer personalised services as they are already aware of the customer’s needs and preferences.

Automated market campaigns and communications

When it comes to any activities regarding marketing or promoting pharmaceutical products, a CRM can automate them

This means your sales team can organise and coordinate a detailed marketing campaign or activity. Which, as you’ll know, is great for business, as your team can then reach as many people as possible with their marketing.

Planning your sales

Put simply, CRM software facilitates the planning of sales activities

This in turn makes it much easier to schedule visits and activities for your sales team, as well as generate reports from those planned schedules. 

Management of field visits

The CRM system allows sales reps to access information no matter where they are. Whether they’re in the field or in the office, they’ll have access to the client database. 

This means they have all the information they need to schedule a visit, plan other important activities, and stay ahead of the game.

Need help with your CRM implementation?

If you’re still unsure about which CRM system is the best for your pharmaceutical company, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ixRM today

We’ll give you expert advice and guidance on which systems will work best for your business needs.

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