Microsoft Dynamics 365 predictions for 2018

10th January 2018

Whilst Version 9.0 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 was first announced in July last year, it is only now in 2018 that administrators are going to be able to start rolling the new version out. Here are some of its features and how they can help businesses with their operations:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

Companies must comply with GDPR by May this year. Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 will be fully compliant by this date, allowing companies to store and manage data they hold in accordance with the new regulations.

Administrator operated back-ups

A new feature in the pipeline is the ability for Dynamics 365 administrators to conduct their own restores and backups, allowing them to protect their customer databases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Version 9.0 has already incorporated some new AI features including the use of action cards to remind/alert users about suggested actions they could take. We predict there will be further development in this area with integration of organisation accounts, sales and opportunities.

More connected apps

The latest version of Dynamics 365 is much more app-focused with ones such as Microsoft Flow, Power BI and Power Apps allowing data to be transferred across multiple platforms. The use of multiple apps is likely to continue into 2018 with them being used for a wide range of purposes including file sharing and syncing, sending out notifications and providing integrated solutions to business challenges.

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