Microsoft Flow: automating processes for better business

14th February 2019

There are lots of amazing cloud-based tools and apps available to help businesses and teams manage and use client data, organise and assign tasks, create and deliver marketing materials and much more. But when all these apps don’t speak to each other, your teams can waste time on mundane tasks, duplicating information and manual data entry. Microsoft Flow helps connect over 100 services such as Dynamics 365, Mailchimp, Facebook, Eventbrite and Asana, to put your teams back in control of their time.

Improve everyone’s productivity

Are your teams constantly checking emails? Get them out of their inbox by automating a text message to be sent when that important email that they’re waiting for actually arrives. They won’t even need to trawl through email attachments or worry about deleting emails, when attachments in their inbox are automatically uploaded to One Drive or Google Drive. Easy.

There are loads of ways to improve overall productivity using Microsoft Flow. Far beyond managing emails, you can manage calendars, tasks, data, content, notifications and more. Aside from the multitude of flow templates already available to help your teams be more efficient with their valuable time, you can create custom flows that streamline your processes, just the way you need them to.

Free up more time for your marketing team

Curating and scheduling relevant content. Creating email lists and updating subscribers. Monitoring all social channels for mentions of the business and working out what steps to take next. Searching the internet to keep updated with the latest industry news. When your marketing team are keeping on top of all this, where do they find the time to do everything else to market your business?

Microsoft flow allows you to automatically add items from an RSS feed to your Buffer queue (you can even add a step in to make sure only approved items make it into the Buffer queue) to automate content curation. There are prebuilt flow templates that enable the right people to be notified when there’s a positive tweet about your business, a negative tweet about your business and track your Twitter mentions on a google sheet, as well as a flow template to add new subscribers to your mailing list.

Help your sales team work smarter

Microsoft Flow can automate onboarding processes, create notifications for new sales opportunities, and manage digital contract sign-offs. With less manual tracking and data entry tasks, your sales team can concentrate on building relationships with potential clients.

Prebuilt templates include weekly email summaries of new opportunities from Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, notifications to keep on top of new business wins, and deal approvals with Adobe Sign or Docusign. Your sales team can even automatically track Facebook and Twitter posts about their customers.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Flow and how it can support Dynamics 365 and other apps and services? Join our Director, Dave Cockerham, at the M635 User Group in Leeds, where he’ll be sharing more about how Microsoft Flow can transform your business processes. To find out more, contact us here.

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