New features for Microsoft Dynamics 365

30th October 2017

In terms of Microsoft Dynamics 365 several new additions were announced. The first of these was the introduction of a new Intelligent Virtual Agent for Customer Care which has been developed to help companies respond to customer service questions and uses Artificial Intelligence. The Intelligent Virtual Agent has been designed to allow organisations to reply to enquiries from customers quickly and efficiently and is already being used by big name sellers such as Macy’s and HP.

A further change to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it will now be available in separate parts, which users will be able to subscribe to. This means that customers will no longer have to buy the complete bundle if they do not wish to. An example of a part of the package which will be available individually is Dynamics 365 for Talent. It will now be available as two separate apps which support business with recruiting (the Attract app) and employing new staff (Onboard). Both of these apps are designed to make it easier for companies to identify potential talent in the first place and then help a team to collaborate to induct new recruits and ensure they are properly set up as a new team member.

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