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Case Studies

Case Studies

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ixRM helps KeolisAmey Metrolink deliver improved Customer Service


Keolis Customer Service Management System

In July 2017 KeolisAmey Metrolink, a joint venture between Keolis and Amey, took over the franchise to operate the Manchester Metrolink on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The Metrolink tram system is the largest of its kind in the UK, serving 93 stops across seven different lines along almost 100km of track, with a fleet of 120 modern trams catering for more than 38 million journeys a year.

One of the key features of KeolisAmey Metrolink’s new contract is a major focus on improving customer service and a commitment to deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions that create better passenger experiences.


Our Engagement

Manchester Metrolink TranixRM’s remit was to implement a new Customer Service system using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ready for when KAM took over operation of the network from the incumbent operator in July 2017. We were tasked with designing a system for the Customer Contact Centre to manage their interaction with service users however they choose to get in touch, to handle complaints and problems across the network, deal with lost property and enable accurate and meaningful reporting.

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the team with a single platform for managing all customer interaction whether logging a general enquiry or receiving a complaint. It has replaced the existing automated system for dealing with customer enquiries and a number of spreadsheets.

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The system enables KAM to track volumes of calls/emails, ensures compliance with Service Level Agreements and allows identification of recurring issues or areas of concern. Lost Property is managed in a central location that all contact centre staff can access to easily locate and return lost items to their owners. It also allows a picture to be built up of each customer including their responses to surveys, marketing activity and contact details. Having all information regarding the customer in one place highlights anyone abusing the service for example claiming free travel frequently and unnecessarily.

The inbuilt analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 together with PowerBI allows KAM to produce meaningful reports for their own use and for providing regular performance reports to Transport for Greater Manchester. This in turn enables them to monitor recurring problems, improve the Customer Service experience and ensure Transport for Greater Manchester are aware of any wider issues that need to be addressed across the network.

The Future

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The next phase will expand functionality to offer an increased range of self and assisted service options including a web portal to empower customers as well as to reduce call volumes and increase efficiency even further. The telephone system will be integrated for a more streamlined service and by using Voice of the Customer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 KAM are able to run effective customer surveys and use the resulting data in a meaningful way.


If you would like to know how ixRM can facilitate your businesses growth or help you work more efficiently, call a member of our team today on 0113 415 1615.

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ixRM provides new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system to Bristol Charity

ixRM has recently installed a brand-new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system for BRACE an Alzheimer’s charity in Bristol with 6 employees.

Brace logo donor management system

The company had been using an Access database for their ‘CRM’ however this had become increasingly inadequate. BRACE commented that the old

database made fundraising more difficult and that they needed something that was more current, flexible and adaptable to allow them to fundraise more effectively and better manage their volunteers and donors.

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system will make it far easier to target their mailings, as not every supporter wants the same letter. It will provide a more intuitive and robust system for record keeping. It comes with some useful additional features, not least in respect of social media. Furthermore it will give all the flexibility of a cloud-based system including seamless integration with Outlook and SharePoint. In summary, daily tasks that had been difficult or time consuming will become more fluid and allow the charity to focus more on the fundraising and research sides of the business, rather than the administration.

A spokesperson from BRACE was quick to also praise the work of ixRM saying: “We’re very happy with ixRM. This work was done for us pro bono as a form of support for the charity, but we have still enjoyed a very professional and committed service from Dave and Karen. They guided us through unfamiliar territory and ensured that we were able to choose the right software and set it up to work as we needed. They have been excellent.”

If you, like BRACE, would like to spend less time doing administration work and solve inadequate system problems, and spend more time doing what you enjoy, speak to us about a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. We work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing to help you improve productivity and increase profitability