Personalised email marketing: the benefits

8th November 2019

No one likes receiving irrelevant marketing emails. It’s irritating at the very least, and can even go so far as making you feel that the brand in question doesn’t understand or value you enough to deserve future custom. And let’s face it, neither of which are the effect that the company involved would be hoping for – quite the opposite in fact. And you would certainly hope to avoid making a similar slip-up.

As well as creating targeted emails, the best emails feel really personal to the reader. If only there was a way to ensure that your potential customers only received emails that were entirely relevant to them… Oh wait, there is! No doubt your inbox is full of such emails – that outfit you quite liked the look of, or that destination that looked so tempting you almost splurged on a spur-of-the-moment getaway; it’s no coincidence that these emails were so appealing to you personally.

Read on for more detail on the benefits of such personalised email marketing.

Very specific campaigns can be created

CRM systems allow companies to capture and store all information that they hold about each of their customers, including their personal details, location, occupation – and even purchase history, interests, previous engagements and financial details.

One of the huge benefits of such systems is that this data can be used to ensure that the right marketing emails are sent to the right people. Better still, specific campaigns can be created to target a very particular group of people. The best CRM systems, such as Passenger 365, allow segmentation – that is dividing up your contacts into groups based on different criteria. And as these groups can be segmented further still by additional attributes, it’s possible to identify a very particular group of people, that a particular campaign would be relevant to. Say for example you are looking for customers who are under 30 years old, who commute daily, and live within the London area; CRM makes this a breeze. For this to be successful, what’s most important is a system that contains good quality data, and as much of it as possible.

Marketing emails are more successful

It follows that by sending customers emails that are relevant, and resonate with them personally, they’re more likely to engage; and ultimately the campaign is far more likely to be successful. Not only does CRM help in identifying those who should receive a campaign, but it can also automatically add personal information to it that is tailored to each recipient, such as their name, or their most recent purchase. Quite unsurprisingly, open-rates and click-rates are far higher in targeted email campaigns, which then leads to more conversions.

Campaigns can even be made up of many layers. Clicking a link in one email can trigger another email to be sent to the customer, which explains that particular link in more detail. And if a customer didn’t engage with the first email, this could be set to trigger a different email to be sent to them. A simple principle can therefore become part of a very sophisticated marketing strategy.

Customers feel more valued

There’s another huge advantage to tailored emails, other than a higher success rate, and direct profit – they result in customers feeling more understood on a personal level. And the personal touch means that not only will they feel that you understand their needs, but that you value them as an individual. They are therefore far are more likely to be loyal to your brand.

Tailored email marketing is a simple concept, but an effective one. Blanket email campaigns are all but dead, and rightly so. Not only is an irrelevant email wasted effort, but it can actually do more harm than good. It only takes a second for that customer to click ‘unsubscribe’, and by then you’ve lost the chance to woo them with any future campaigns. Game over.

For successful tailored marketing campaigns, all you need is the right CRM system, and to ensure it’s well implemented. ixRM can help; if you’re interested in hearing about how a customised CRM system could maximise your marketing potential, then we would happily talk through your needs with you, and make a bespoke recommendation.

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