Protecting your data with your CRM

29th May 2020

We all lost count of the number of emails we received from companies about their new GDPR regulations in 2018. Protecting people’s data was thrust to the front of every company’s mind. At ixRM, we’re always working hard to make processes more efficient for businesses. Not only can your CRM assist you with sales, marketing and customer service, you can implement ways to remain compliant to GDPR guidelines. Make your customer journey even smoother from beginning to end. Here’s just a few things you can implement today. 

Personal Data Management 

When it comes to our personal details; addresses, date of birth, phone numbers etc, we all want to know those details are safe but also relevant to the business we’re giving them to. The beauty of a CRM is how malleable they are. Fields can easily be changed so that you only hold the customer information you actually need and for the relevant time period. 

In addition to this, different access restrictions can be added so that only those who specifically need that information can retrieve it when necessary. It’s also possible to set up limitations on the length of time data can be kept. This is when the automation of a CRM system can be a handy tool to have in your arsenal. 

Consent Management 

Possibly one of the biggest changes to come out of the GDPR regulations is the need for explicit consent. Companies must now have given users clear opt in and opt out options when it comes to being contacted and having their data used in this way. 

Use your CRM system to manage the consent of your customers. Directly link it to your email or website submissions so you’ll always have the latest consent information. You’ll be able to store consent against the individual records so you know who’s consented to what and where. Should you need it, it also means you can quickly retrieve evidence for whatever reason. 

Right to Erasure and Mass Updates 

The benefit of a CRM over more traditional filing systems is the ability to update thousands of files with the click of a button. Therefore, if you make any of the above changes to data fields, you can update your entire database in a matter of minutes. 

Part of the GDPR measures are the consumer’s right to have their data erased if they wish. There’s no longer the need to sit mindlessly for hours at the shredder. Utilise the functionality of your CRM to programme automatic deletions of information after a set amount of time. You can also log who completed the action and when; leaving you with a reliable paper trail at all times. 

When it comes to your customer’s data, they want to know their important details are safe and secure with you. Secure them with a stable and comprehensive CRM. Transform your business processes and rest assured that you’ll remain compliant with GDPR regulations. At ixRM, we specialise in both installation, training and management of your CRM system and can help you to ensure your GDPR compliance.

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