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Improved Customer Service

Exceed expectations

Improved Customer Service

Exceed expectations

by Karen Cockerham
Conquer your biggest challenges and deliver an exceptional service to your customers.

Outstanding Customer Service

Ensure your SLA (Service Level Agreement) is met and the customer receives a timely response using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service.  Motivate your staff and ensure they provide the highest level of service.  Drive your customers towards your website to find the answers they need and pass information directly to the system if they fill in their details for assistance.

Delivering Results

With out of the box monitoring and reporting, you can ensure that the senior members of staff can monitor the operatives within your workforce and ensure they are dealing with customers correctly and within the required SLA.  Use grids that can be easily configured, viewed, filtered and shared with others to manage cases quickly and easily and reassign them as necessary.

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Key Benefits of the Service

An effective customer service system is at the core of any successful business no matter how big or small.

  • Review and improve your existing processes
  • Break down the barriers between you and your customers
  • Ensure your team members work together to solve problems
  • Route enquiries based on skill set
  • Increase customer retention
  • Evaluate performance and produce statistics through integrated analytics