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Understanding your needs

Consultancy that delivers

Understanding your needs

Consultancy that delivers

by ixrm
Our consultancy services are designed to deliver real improvements in your business. Utilising our expertise we help instigate business process change through the effective use of a system tailored to your needs.

Understanding your business

Our product knowledge and industry experience means we can really help your business achieve its goals. Whether you want to streamline your sales process, deliver exceptional customer service or effectively track your marketing campaigns we can help. We look at what you are hoping to achieve so we can offer insights into how the off-the-shelf product can be tailored to those needs.

Delivering Results

Working closely with your key stakeholders throughout the design, build and training stages we ensure high levels of user adoption and enthusiasm for delivering better results through the effective use of the new system.

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Key Benefits of the Service

An effective CRM system is at the core of any successful business no matter how big or small.

  • Understand your existing processes
  • Review the limitations of current systems
  • Develop best practice & internal procedures
  • Work collaboratively and effectively
  • Increase profits by understanding your customers
  • Evaluate performance through integrated analytics
  • Fixed pricing model for consultancy