Signs you need a sales coach

21st August 2020

We all know sales is a competitive industry. And just like any other competitor, we often need the help of a coach to fulfil our full potential. It’s true coaches help with technique but what they can really help you with is your mindset – the way you approach the challenges in your sales career. Hitting a brick wall in your sales? Here’s a few signs it might be time to get a coach in to elevate your performance to the next level. 

You’re losing the business you should be winning.

Have you checked in on what your competitors are up to recently? Are they working with clients you should have won? If this is becoming a regular occurrence, it’s time to evaluate what’s getting in the way of you closing those valuable deals. 

It could be that part of your sales process is flawed, creating unnecessary obstacles to your prospects. Discrepancies in pipeline and process may result in crucial prospects slipping through the net. It’s not always easy to see these issues when you’re immersed in it day to day; sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees as they say. A sales coach can come and objectively audit your sales process from beginning to end and importantly, identify the areas that require improvement. 

The team attitude is off.

It’s amazing how one person can cause a chain reaction when it comes to morale and spirit in a sales team. If you start to notice a feeling of apathy, hesitancy or nervousness creeping in, or someone seems to be waiting for the phone to ring, it’s time to intervene. The majority of sales performance is directly impacted by mindset. If that’s not quite right, it’s likely your success will be hindered hugely. 

You might only need a coach for a few sessions to give everyone a boost and a new perspective. You might decide that you need an ongoing relationship with a sales coach. They may well take on the role of mentor; someone to nurture the skills of your developing team. 

Employee turnover is creeping up.

Recruitment is expensive and time consuming. If you’re finding that’s happening far too regularly, then it’s time to figure out why that is. What’s stopping your salespeople staying where they are?

Often, a candidate will have all the potential but struggle to settle. It’s easy to see why they will soon become disheartened and move on; thinking that maybe this isn’t the career for them. While this may be the case for some, some candidates just need that little bit of refinement and encouragement they can get out of a few coaching sessions. 

And don’t forget about your experienced high flyers. Are there opportunities to help them in their personal development? Working with a seasoned coach might further unlock untapped potential and increase their sales – benefiting both them and your bottom line. 

Working with an experienced sales coach can have a dramatic impact on your success as a sales team. Whether it’s process or perspective, it’s their job to make sure you and your team are performing at your highest level. Working in sales can be electrifying, who wouldn’t want to get involved? 

At ixRM, we help sales teams refine their process using CRM technology with a thorough and easy-to-use sales suite. Could this be the key to elevating your sales performance? Contact us today to find out.

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