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Improve marketing results

Quality campaigns

Improve marketing results

Quality campaigns

by Karen Cockerham
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is designed to enable you to manage your contacts and plan and implement targeted campaigns all in one place.

A unified experience

Campaign management is about more than running an efficient campaign it is also about understanding the interactions your customers have with your business. Ensure you provide them with a seamless experience from marketing through to sales and back round the cycle. It is essential to deliver a consistent message in order to increase retention rates as well as to reduce sales cycles and increase close rates .

How we can help

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to unify the customer experience with a complete 360 degree view. It uses a secure and scalable platform that allows you to create and deliver campaigns quickly. Dynamic marketing lists let you run truly targeted campaigns.  Benefit from our fixed price packages for your implementation.

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Key Benefits of the Service

We have a wealth of experience in adapting and customising the out of the box solution to help you deliver your marketing goals.

  • Improved customer insight
  • Segment marketing lists for targeted campaigns
  • Use of workflows to drive marketing activity
  • Campaign planning and execution, data extraction & cleansing
  • Efficient collaboration and information sharing
  • Provides reporting and analytics