Succeeding in remote sales.

17th April 2020

With everyone working hard to carry on with business as usual, we’ve all had to be creative with our adaptations. But what happens when your job relies on you meeting with others and building a face to face rapport? What happens when you work in sales? We thought we would pull together some tips and tricks to make sure you succeed in sales, whether you’re at home, on the road or anywhere in the world.

Start with the tough stuff.

It’s tempting to start the day with things that won’t help you move sales forward; checking emails, dabbling on social media but why not start the day helping yourself get ahead? Could you be prospecting? Deciding your next strategy? Or even arranging a video or phone meeting over a breakfast coffee? Research suggests that the most effective decisions are made between 8am and 1pm. 

This is also a good time to follow remote working best practise. Try and stick to a schedule, particularly when it’s time to pick up the phone to your prospects. Block out periods of time where you know you will have the discipline to work efficiently through your tasks. Set out your clear objective for the morning/afternoon/the day and try to achieve these as often as you can. 

Utilise your social media presence and personal networks. 

Hopefully you have a sizeable number of connections in your arsenal. Now is the time to reach out and create new opportunities and nurture your contacts. 

Continue to create engaging content for your clients to keep you on their radar even if they’re not in a position to buy at present. Make sure you carry on checking in with your existing connections too. When push comes to shove, they’re more likely to remember the person that checked in with them to see how things were going when times got tough.

Use a CRM that’s on your side.

It goes without saying that isolation or not, having a state-of-the-art CRM system on your team is a huge help. At ixRM, we want to make sure your process is as smooth, easy and streamline as possible. With Dynamics 365, sales teams can easily track their pipelines and create accurate forecasts thanks to impressive AI technology. 

The mobile functionality also means that no matter the location of your teams, no one will ever have to be out of the loop again. Amalgamated with the simple access to invoices and quotes, you’ll be ready to go, wherever you are in the world.  

Whether face to face or digital, sales processes will continue long after lockdown is over. This time may be a golden opportunity to iron out the kinks and refine your sales process ready for things to resume as normal. Alternatively, your customers may be happy to operate digitally. In this instance, embrace all the technology at your fingertips and continue to connect and nurture those important relationships. ixRM is here to support you, whether your sales, marketing or customer service.

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