31st July 2020

In the past 50 years, we’ve seen huge technological advancements. This innovation trajectory is likely to continue. Who knows where we’ll be in another 50 years. With the introduction of online customer service portals – FAQ’s pages, live chats and email, it was predicted that phone support would diminish. However, customers are shifting back to the more traditional avenue. Is phone support making a comeback? 

‘I want to speak to a person’

How many times have we either said or heard this? While the live chats and email functions are, on the surface, more convenient, it’s easy to get frustrated when you feel like you’re not being heard. 50% of shoppers feel as though their feedback isn’t passed onto someone who can actually action it. If we have specific problems, we want a specific response and to know the person at the other end understands us and wants to help. We clearly all crave that personal touch and instant results that you can’t get from a Contact Us form on a website. 

While millennials prefer live chat functions over other platforms, Gen X and boomers still prefer to get in touch over the phone. Take this into consideration when you’re building your customer service processes. If you know your customers are likely to contact you over telephone, setting up a comprehensive live chat bot but not investing in employee headsets is a wasted opportunity. 

Don’t sacrifice your CRM

If you’d like to improve your phone support within your customer service team, you don’t have to sacrifice your technology. The customer service suite of Dynamics 365 makes it easier than ever to keep track of your important customer conversations. Rest assured that you’ll be easing the pain of being passed from post to post. Your detailed notes will mean that any member of staff can pick up a case without the customer having to start from the very beginning every time. 

The analytics included mean you’ll clearly be able to see your customer sources. This way, if further investment is needed in certain channels and others can be pulled back, you’ll have the facts required to make a plan. 

It’s too expensive to not be on the phone

Ultimately, you can’t always predict why someone may need to use your customer services. Therefore, it’s a wise move to make sure you’re present across the channels. The cost of missing someone is just too high. In the past, companies have lost a staggering $75 billion worth of business because of poor customer service

It might not be your primary channel, but it’d be unwise to ignore your telephone offering, especially if you have an audience spanning a large range of demographics. 

ixRM helps you to implement a comprehensive CRM system to help your business grow. With the in-built sales, marketing and customer service functionality, your customers will experience a smooth journey and you’ll be ready for the times things don’t go exactly to plan. For more information about Dynamics 365 and how ixRM can support your customer service offering, contact us today.

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