10th July 2020

Why Microsoft Dynamics? Well, for starters, when you choose Dynamics, you choose the power of Microsoft. That in itself means something. You know you’ll be getting the best of the best when it comes to innovations and improvements to your software. Microsoft Dynamics really does provide a 360 degree approach to improving your business process, primarily starting with your sales, marketing and customer service. 


Your sales process is key. It’s important to hit the nail on the head everytime. From managing your pipeline to detailed forecasts, the native sales suite in Dynamics 365 means you won’t miss a single opportunity to connect with your prospects. 

Set timeline reminders to follow up those important pitches. Sales managers can easily evaluate the performances and returns from the sales team, helping your businesses do what every business wants to do; grow and flourish. 

The AI and built in analytics features will allow you to gain a new perspective on your sales performance. It’s always important to understand what your customers want and with Dynamics 365, you can do just that at the touch of a button. 



Marketing and sales often go hand in hand. One usually doesn’t succeed to its full potential without the other. Click Dimensions is the marketing suite specifically built in to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Create and manage your marketing campaigns in a streamline and hassle free way; let the automation do the work. 

Think automated campaigns, email marketing, web forms, social marketing, event management and more, and then top it all off with intelligent analytics and reporting that allows you to keep strengthening your future campaigns.

Rest assured you’ll be able to create a comprehensive marketing strategy thanks to your thorough reports, coupled with your sales figures. Engage your clients like never before and become an unstoppable force against your competitors. 

Customer Service 

Nothing is more infuriating to a customer than bad customer service. It can be the deal breaker over whether your company will receive return business in the future. We recently broke down how you can transform your customer experience in our previous blog

With Dynamics 365, it’s never been easier to be outstanding. With multi-platform capabilities, you can connect with your customers in the way that best suits them. The best part? You can log all those important conversations so your customers never have to face the same old frustrations ever again. Build your customer profiles and create a linear process from the moment your customers engage with your business. In addition to all of this, you can rest assured that you’ll remain within GDPR compliance with a safe and secure system that contains access only restrictions. 

At ixRM, not only are we a Microsoft Silver partner, we believe in balancing amazing technology and world-class innovation with unwavering transparency. That lets our clients know we’re doing the right thing for them; always. CRM system implementation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming; we want it to fit you and your business needs. How do we do this? We know our tech and we know our clients – a match made in heaven. Contact us today to find out we can transform your business through the powerful technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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