24th July 2020

The last few months of the lockdown has highlighted to many businesses their need for digital transformation. Not only the implementation of new software and infrastructure but also the need for comprehensive training for employees in order to maximise results. As we start moving forward into the ‘post COVID world’, it’s likely many businesses will retain some of their new technology focused practises. But what challenges will companies face implementing these changes going forward? 


We’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of introducing automation to your business. You can read more about it on our previous blog. One of the biggest advantages is how much time is saved on manual tasks which employees can then use for more important work. 

Like with any major changes in business, time is a resource often in short supply. Digital transformations aren’t a short term fix. It can take anywhere between six to twelve months to see a return on investment when it comes to digital strategies. Introducing new processes, systems and infrastructure takes both time and patience. For a lot of businesses, this is simply something they do not have in abundance in a post pandemic climate and could potentially be a huge barrier in their digital development. 


For those wanting to do their digital well, the costs can quickly start adding up. Depending on how thorough businesses choose to be, this could be anything from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands every month. Whether it’s a brand new CRM system or outsourcing your ongoing content creation, the initial investment can be sizable. 

We’ve all been keeping a close eye on the economic developments over the last few months. Amidst the financial uncertainty, businesses are understandably reluctant to open the purse strings in the current climate. It will fall to business owners to evaluate their own risk. After all, digital transformations can be hugely and positively impactful on a company’s bottom line if done effectively. 

Employee push back

Every one of us has had to adapt the way we do things over the past few months. This has meant many companies having to roll out remote training in order to make sure employees are using systems correctly and efficiently. For more traditional industries, this has come as something of a culture shock to say the least. 

Possibly one of the biggest changes faced by any company making significant changes is push back from employees. Even with the most comprehensive technology, if the work culture doesn’t align positively with these changes, it’ll be extremely difficult to fully indoctrinate these practises into day to day processes and systems.  

At ixRM, we embrace technology and all it has to offer. We work with businesses to implement efficient new systems to improve their overall performance and fundamentally, improve their bottom line. It’s difficult for anyone to say what the full implications of COVID-19 will be. Businesses will undoubtedly face enormous challenges in the next coming months. However, investing in your CRM needn’t be one of those challenges. Let us help you transform your digital processes and contact us today.

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