What are the benefits of automation in business?

13th March 2020

At ixRM, we help make your business processes as smooth and as easy as possible. When you install Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’re introducing a new level of automation to your business that will help you transform your process from beginning to end. From your sales and marketing to customer service, every team stands something to gain. But what are the benefits of quality automation in business?

Cost Reductions

Possibly the most obvious benefit to you and your business is the reduction in costs. It may be the case that first implementing the system is a large outlay for companies and it may take a while to see the benefits while any growing pains are ironed out. However, the return on investment usually quickly outweighs initial set up costs. At ixRM, there will always be someone to keep in touch with you throughout the process of installation and they will be on hand to put out any fires when things go awry.

With automated systems, you have more man-hours available. In some cases, businesses have even implemented a shorter working week for employees. Bringing in automated processes allows for the assurance of quality employees over sheer quantity. We will talk more later about the added reduction of human error later on.

Develop Your Workforce

Obviously with any major change, companies have to adapt. Change can be overwhelming but a lot of the time, it’s necessary to help your business moving forward. Bringing in new systems can be a fantastic time for employees to train in a new skill and improve their job performance. Often, when repetitive tasks are automated, it makes employees feel more valued and happy at work; happy workers are 31% more productive than their dissatisfied colleagues.

For example, when using Dynamics 365, sales teams can clearly map out their pipelines in a CRM, including setting reminders to contact their important prospects. Not only will they soon become experts at navigating the CRM and the functionality, they will also have more time to spend doing what they’re employed to do instead of mundane administration.

Reduces Human Errors

We’re only human, and humans are prone to human errors. With any particularly repetitive task, mistakes get made or things get overlooked despite our best intentions.

While there is no such thing as 100% error proof IT, growing automation within a business minimises the risk of human error; driving your results forward. In our current digital age, the market is highly competitive so any measures to reduce mistakes and improve consistency is going to be helpful to businesses.

Introducing automation can be the driving force for growth in a business, particularly as we dive further into an era of technology. Consumers want more instant, efficient results and this process can provide that. ixRM can help your business achieve your goals for automation by helping you to install an intuitive and sleek CRM to help drive your sales, marketing and customer service results. Sound good? We thought so, too.

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