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Why a CRM system supports your marketing strategy

by Press

Why a CRM system supports your marketing strategy

by Press

by Press

Marketing is about getting the right message to the right people, and your marketing strategy is how you’re going to achieve that. When it comes to building and implementing a strategy, how does your marketing team know who the right people are and what the best way to reach them is? Data. Here’s how a CRM system can support your marketing strategy.

Understanding your customers

To be able to create and implement a successful marketing strategy, you need a better understanding of your customers than ever before. CRM systems have the capability to capture insightful information that allows you to segment your market and target these segments accordingly. Segmentation (dividing your market into groups and categories) is no longer about just the basics of age and gender. You need great data, the kind captured by a CRM system, to segment clients into groups that are based on your customers’ needs, interests and buying habits, and use that data to strategize your targeted marketing campaigns going forward.

Personalising your content

Understanding the segments you’re marketing to allows you or your marketing team to create content that’s just for them, and your CRM system will help you understand how to deliver this content through the best channels to reach them. Your CRM helps you build an accurate picture of your customers that you can use to make sure your marketing efforts aren’t just more white noise. Communicating with and marketing to your customers in meaningful and relevant ways grows customer loyalty, keeping those customers coming back to you. Your CRM system gives you the insights you need to make your marketing personal.

Understanding your campaigns

Using a CRM system, you can understand and evaluate the performance of past campaigns. The CRM system essentially documents the customer reaction to each marketing element that is delivered to them, which means you know what was effective and achieved the desired result. You’ll know how much impact activities within a campaign are having, and which campaigns overall are closing sales and generating ROI. If you know what worked, you can replicate it and build it into new campaigns. If you know what generated the most ROI, you can make smarter investment decisions in your marketing.

Data-driven marketing is based on collecting and using insightful data so that you can focus your marketing campaigns around your customers. By using your CRM system to support your marketing strategy, you’re using your customer data to ensure you’re delivering the messages your customers need to hear about your products and services, ensuring those key marketing messages are driving your sales, and your business, in the right direction.

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