Why go paperless - and how CRM can help

13th September 2019

The future is digital – most of us are well aware of that. Technology is already such a huge part of our lives, and it has overhauled the way we do business. Gone are the days when you relied on the postman to communicate with your clients; a quick tap on the keyboard, and a click of the send button, and the job’s done. So it’s quite shocking just how old-school the majority of our offices really are.

Just think, for example, of the sheer amount of paper in your office. Odds are, there’s a lot of it. But nowadays there’s really no need. The idea that the office of the future would be paperless was first floated in a 1975 issue of BusinessWeek – and in that article, it was predicted that most record handling would be digital by 1990. Almost 30 years ago. However, office use of paper actually doubled between 1980 and 2000. The time has come to finally make the paperless office a reality.

Emails have all but replaced letters – that’s a huge reduction in paper already. But I bet there’s still plenty of paper on your desk? There’s a solution: CRM. Cloud-based CRM systems allow staff members to keep all their customer information in one place, so paper notes just aren’t needed. And unlike paper copies, numerous staff members can access, and make use of, the records at once – one of the many advantages of implementing a CRM system.

So why is becoming a paperless office worth your while? Read on.

It’ll declutter the office

All those piles of paper aren’t so easy on the eyes, are they? Paperless offices are naturally far tidier.

And there’s more to it than that too. Cluttered surroundings actually cause the brain to process information less effectively. A clearer office isn’t just far more pleasant, it’ll boost your employees’ performance.

It’ll make your staff more efficient

It’s not just the improved environment that helps your staff do their jobs more effectively, electronic systems – such as CRM – are far more efficient too. Paper notes are easily lost, and difficult to share. CRM software allows all information to be pooled into one central system, which can be accessed by any staff member with a login, at any time.

CRM empowers your staff to do their jobs as best they can, which not only saves time and increases employee satisfaction, but makes the company more money. What’s not to like?

It’ll save you money

Printing is expensive; it’s as simple as that. The cost of paper, printer, maintenance, ink cartridges and toner all adds up. Far more space is required for storing paper documents too, which costs more money. If these are overheads that can be avoided, then it’d be crazy not to. It’ll attract the best talent

Companies that operate digitally are more attractive to work for. A huge 68% of people would choose to work for a company that operates mostly digitally. Being paperless even helps attract the best people.

It’ll save the trees (and, in turn, help save the world!)

Perhaps the most obvious point of all – paperless offices mean less paper usage. And that’s very good news for our planet. Paper currently makes up 35% of solid waste, and the paper industry is the 5th largest user of energy worldwide – whilst also using more water by product weight than any other industry.

Demand for paper is a major driver of deforestation too – 35% of felled trees are used to make it. And the World’s forests are disappearing before our eyes. Reducing paper usage is a simple, yet very effective, way to help combat the problem.

And it’s attractive to customers too – 81% will pay more for a product or company with reduced environmental impact.

There are so many reasons to go paperless, and so many advantages to doing so. Whatever your motivation, a good CRM system is a vital tool you can’t do without. Go on, make the leap, you’ll be so glad that you did. The office of the future awaits.

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