Why it’s crucial to look after your sales pipeline.

22nd May 2020

As a sales professional, you’ll know how important your pipeline is. Setting out an accurate and realistic forecast will affect your conversion rates and ultimately contribute to your overall performance in your role. At ixRM, we aim to help businesses operate more smoothly through the use of technology. Dynamics 365 offers a fully innate sales suite which can be used to redefine your sales process from beginning to end, helping you to look after that pipeline and get results.

Getting started with your sales pipeline. 

Firstly, we’d advise investing in a CRM with built in sales functions to help you manage your process. Then it’s time to take a close look at your sales process and identify the different parts. That way, you can start planning out your customer journey from their first meeting with you through to their tailored follow up marketing and customer service. 

It’s a good job to take a step back every few months and re-evaluate your sales process. Are your conversion rates where you need them to be? Just some of the benefits of having a detailed pipeline include a much clearer view of where your leads fall in the sales funnel and the ability to close your deals in less time for less money. 

Stop watering dead flowers.

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point; holding on to leads we know are unlikely to convert so we can keep our pipeline looking full. It’s important to follow up but even more important to be able to decipher when enough is enough. Always be realistic with your time and your resources.. With the comprehensive features built into Dynamics 365, you can easily see an accurate picture of your current opportunities and easily discard your dead flowers. 

You’ll then have a better idea of how much capacity you have to seek out new and more viable opportunities down the line. 

Keep an eye on your pipeline metrics. 

One of the biggest advantages of combining sales and a CRM system is the ability to evaluate your sales through the use of analytics. In the case of Dynamics 365, the built in analytics feature allows your sales teams to closely monitor their performances and consequently make more accurate forecasts going forward. 

Bringing together a solid sales foundation with a high quality CRM system can make your role in sales all the more fulfilling. No matter your industry, or whether you work remotely or not (we discussed how a CRM can improve your remote sales in our previous blog), if you have a sales department that is ready for a new way of doing things, contact ixRM today to discuss how we can help transform your business through the power of a CRM. 

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