Why it's important to invest in your marketing

24th April 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve all undeniably had to make major changes to the way we work. Businesses across the UK have completely transformed their operations at lightning speed. Marketing is often one of the things to be left by the wayside in quieter periods. However, there are huge advantages to be gained down the line by investing the time and energy in your marketing. Here’s why. 

Keep spreading awareness of your business. 

Even though it may be quiet, it’s important to keep your brand visible. You never know when a potential prospect may need your services down the line. They’re more likely to remember the company putting out content than the company that did not

Leverage your previous social proof; your new potential customers may be wary of spending. It won’t hurt to use your previous successes to draw in new business. Maximise your reach on social media; share share share! Your business might be the very thing a person needs as soon as they’re in a position to buy. Now is a great time to position your business as an authority within your industry. Share your existing blogs, add new content to your website. Comment in discussion groups. Simply, get your name out there as much as possible and make the most of the increased online presence of your customers. 

Stay in touch with your existing customers. 

On top of maintaining your brand awareness, it’s important to remember to nurture your existing community of customers. Gather as much feedback as possible; what do they want from you going forward? Could they write you some great testimonials? Are there opportunities to put together case studies to use on your website? 

Consider if there’s any incentives you can introduce for your existing customers. It’s important to recognise customer loyalty, particularly those who have supported your business through challenging times. This is when the state-of-the-art marketing functions in Dynamics 365 can really flourish. Keep your customers up to date with personalised marketing generated from your previous analytics. It couldn’t be easier. 

Time for an audit or a rebrand? 

Often, when it comes to our own businesses, we can start putting the needs of the business on the back burner while more pressing clients or projects land on our door. Who wouldn’t? This period might be the ideal time to take a step back and finally get round to that list you’ve been meaning to tackle for months. 

Whether it’s sprucing up your website, refining your mailing lists or planning out your future campaigns, investing time back into your own business can be hugely beneficial. 

Marketing is a big word and it’s easy for it to drop in the list of priorities when times get tough. Allow your business to stand out against competitors by being the company that stands out in the marketplace; offering something different and unique for their customers. The extensive marketing functions in Dynamics 365 can transform your marketing processes; whether that’s sending out your monthly newsletters to your mailing lists or planning your next move with a reactive strategy. At ixRM, our team of experts are on hand to help you make your marketing the best it can be.

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