Why pharmaceutical companies need to manage their customer relationships

15th March 2021

Customer relationship management is essential to all kinds of businesses, no matter the industry. It’s about listening to customers, responding with something that’s relevant, and listening and responding all over again. 

So why exactly do pharmaceutical companies need to focus on managing their customer relationships? We can break this down into two main areas. First, why has customer relationship management become more important in recent years?

And secondly, what are the benefits of managing those relationships? 

Let’s take a look.

Why has Customer Relationship Management become more important?

The customer has changed.

Or to be more specific, the customer pool has grown. The most important development in relationship marketing over the last five years is the recognition that there really isn’t any one customer.  Pharmaceutical companies must now think about different groups of customers. Not just the physicians.

Although many experts agree that physicians are still the primary target for messaging, the end user is the patient. That means when it comes to managing your customer relationships, patient needs have an important role to play. 

You also need to think about other players in the healthcare sector. This could include pharmacies and managed care, as well as nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants in the big primary-care offices. 

Because the customer has changed, that means new data needs to be collected. Particularly when it comes to what they need from you. That way, you can begin to implement a strategy that’s targeted to specific customer needs.

The customer now has a more active role.

Nowadays, people have a much wider access to information. This means that customers will now often play a more active role when it comes to finding their treatment. 

It’s important to be aware of this for a number of reasons. One of them being that not everything on the internet is accurate, and so it’s important to know your customer so that you can dispel myths effectively but also sensitively. 

This newer, more proactive customer-type means that pharmaceutical companies have had to adapt. Methods to do so have included patient loyalty and education programs, or the use of tools to influence patient prescriber interventions.

What are the benefits of Customer Relationship Management?

It ensures they get the treatment they need.

At the end of the day, this is the most important goal for any pharmaceutical company. No matter which strategy or process you’re analysing, ensuring patients get the proper treatment is the top priority.

As a pharmaceutical company, your target audience is complex. It’s not just about marketing to the doctor or patient. In fact, it’s about focusing on their interactions. Customer Relationship Management should build toward that moment when the physician and patient come together for those five-to-seven minutes, and it should optimise that prescribing moment. That way, the patient is much more likely to be prescribed the correct treatment.

To gain better insight into customer needs.

It might sound obvious, but the better you manage your customer relationships, the more you’ll get to know them. Only by engaging meaningfully with your customers will you be able to gain better insight into their needs. 

And because each customer is different, that makes every interaction important. You build trust, rapport, and understanding: a perfect combination for customer satisfaction and company success.

If you need help with your customer relationship management, ixRM is here to help. Just get in touch with us today for some expert advice and guidance.

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