Why your CRM system is your company’s biggest asset

29th November 2019

What would you say is your organisation’s greatest asset? Your customers? Your people? Maybe the processes you have in place? There’s no doubt that all three are crucial to business success. But there’s one thing that can ensure that you maximise the potential of all of these; your CRM system. Read on for just some of the major reasons why the right CRM should come top of the list as your company’s biggest asset.

It’s your central hub of information

Your CRM system is your central database. It gives all staff members instant access to all relevant customer data – including records of past interactions, marketing they’ve received, and spending history.

This allows your staff an immediate 360 degree view of each customer, and they’re all able to benefit from the full picture, rather than piecing together the pieces of information that they may have. And no longer is valuable information at risk of being lost in piles of paper or email inboxes, and you have peace of mind in knowing all data is stored securely.

Having all information stored in one place also gives a far better understanding of who your customers are, and what they’re interested in – which is a huge advantage when it comes to retaining existing customers and winning new ones.

It gets the best out of your staff

With the right CRM system, your staff are able to do their jobs far more easily and efficiently – not to mention at a higher standard. And who wouldn’t want that? After all, it goes without saying that employee performance directly affects the success of your company.

The sheer quantity of data that can be stored in the CRM system, equips workers to do their jobs – and do them well. Any customer queries can be dealt with promptly, and it’s easy to identify which customers are most suited to certain products, services or marketing campaigns.

Milestones are tracked by the system, ensuring that no actions are missed, and progress can be shared with the rest of the team. This ensures that the best possible customer service can be given along the way. Certain processes can even be automated, such as follow up emails after a certain period of inactivity – freeing up employee time to focus on other tasks.

Performance of each staff member – and team – can be tracked also, allowing managers to keep tabs on their staff, whilst also increasing motivation of individual employees to perform to the best of their ability.

And another plus point – staff who are better equipped to do their jobs are happier too.

It facilitates seamless working

Your CRM system also helps ensure that your departments work seamlessly together, which has very positive impact on your company – research has shown that businesses with closely aligned marketing and sales teams achieved 24% faster growth.

A well-designed CRM system also allows your existing software and processes to be integrated within it, making the workflow far more time-efficient and accurate.

And there are many more reasons why CRM can be the best investment you’ll make. There’s simply no escaping the fact that the right system can bring so many benefits, for your people, your customers and your bottom line.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about a CRM system for your business, whether you have one in place already or are interested in taking the plunge for the first time, to get in touch with us at ixRM.

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