Why your marketing team needs a CRM system

21st November 2018

Marketing is such a crucial part of the success of any business. Using a great CRM (customer relationship management) system to support the activities of your marketing team, no matter the size, can help your marketing team to expand your business and increase your sales.

Understand Your Customers

Collecting data allows you to really understand what your customers are doing. With a CRM system, you can capture and analyse that data easily. When it comes to marketing, it’s not only about getting insights into your customers’ buying decisions but getting to the very basics of who your customers are and how they find you. You’ve done all the background work to target a specific audience; a CRM system provides you with the data analysis to check that your targeting has been successful and identify any other customer profile patterns that may have emerged.

Communicate with the Right People

Successful marketing is based on communicating with the right people, at the right time. Your CRM system has helped you understand who your customers are, so now you can implement targeted marketing campaigns and know you’re actually reaching the right audience. Using a CRM system, you can create personalised customer journeys linked to behaviours through a sequence of touchpoints and actions, that generate leads for your sales team. You can identify which customers are likely to generate the most revenue and tailor-make your marketing and brand-building messages to them to nurture those specific relationships.

Run and monitor multichannel campaigns

A marketing strategy covers multiple channels. The right CRM system makes it easy to both run and monitor multichannel campaigns, collating insights gathered from events and email marketing, as well as social listening data gathered from social media platforms. It makes it simple to engage with your network and build your brand and credibility, helping your marketing team to attract the right potential clients and grow relationships with your existing ones.

Spend less finding new customers

You get better ROI from marketing that nurtures relationships with existing clients than from acquisition marketing. In other words, it costs your business more to acquire a new customer than to retain your existing ones, but knowing when and how to contact existing customers isn’t always easy. Using a CRM system to send relevant marketing messages to your existing clients and strengthen the relationship means you can generate sales without the need to find (and invest in finding) as many new customers.

Understand your marketing ROI

Measuring the ROI of marketing isn’t easy without a way to track lead sources and the revenue they generate. A key benefit of a CRM system is to give you and your marketing team a clear insight into what works and therefore, where to spend marketing budget. Essentially, using a great CRM system means you and your team can make smarter marketing decisions, quicker, and grow your business.

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