Working in Partnership with IT Companies 

4th June 2019

In this technological age, where so much hinges on the quality and effectiveness of our digital systems, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses opt to employ specialised IT companies. On average, companies currently outsource 32%  of all IT, and the figure is rising – predicted to reach 48% by 2023.

At ixRM, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve recently partnered with SICL – an award-winning technology company specialising in organisational and business IT services and solutions. Our common objective; to put customers at the centre. Our similar experience as consultants also means that we’re well placed to recommend them to our clients, safe in the knowledge that together we can provide solutions across CRM and IT services.

There are plenty of reasons why appointing the right IT partner can be beneficial for your business; here’s just a few.

IT requirements are becoming more complex

IT systems and processes continue to increase in complexity. This makes it incredibly difficult for internal departments to keep up – particularly given limited time and resources. A specialist company is up-to-date, and can dedicate as much time and energy as is required – mitigating any effects on your business.

Your staff have a lot to do

Your employees are, no doubt, incredibly busy. The right IT partner can take on any operational work, leaving your staff with additional time to spend on more valuable work within their area of expertise. An IT Company can also optimise any systems, increasing productivity further. A likely additional benefit: your staff will be happier in their jobs.

There is a skills shortage

Due to a shortage in the required skill, it can be incredibly difficult to recruit for in-house IT roles, and if you’re successful, it’s likely to cost you – fewer good candidates, quite naturally, means they command higher salaries. An IT Company has an easier time in attracting the best talent in the industry – and you’re able to benefit from this when you work with them, without the headache of recruiting.

It reduces staffing costs

Recruitment, training, pension plans; they have a cost. Outsourcing your IT not only avoids the hassle of recruiting in-house IT support – it avoids all costs associated with additional employees. Training can be a big one in the IT industry too – as it’s vital to stay up to speed.

Data Security is Vital

Security of data can be a huge worry, given the prevalence of cyber crime. And particularly now that GDPR rules must be complied with. A specialist can ensure that you are adhering to all regulations, and are best protected against any possible security breach.

Specialist data back-up can also avoid further catastrophe in event of a breach, malfunction or even staff error – allowing recovery of data that would have otherwise been lost.

If you’ve decided to take the leap and outsource, then most vital of all is to find the right IT company for your business. As well as the more straight-forward considerations, such as cost, location and customer recommendations, make sure that you choose an IT partner whose attitudes and values align with that of your company, and that you can work happily with on a day-to-day basis. After all, it’ll be a team effort. And it’s your company on the line.

If you’d like to find out more about how a tailored CRM solution can work alongside an IT services package, please contact us.

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