Your CRM and your customer service team

3rd April 2020

We’re all relying more heavily on customer service teams to keep us in the loop during this strange period. Increased enquiries, ever changing messages, mass refund processing; never has the need for a consistent, clear and concise customer service journey been required. If you’d like some more information about accessing your CRM remotely, we discussed it in our previous blog.

Keep all your details in one place.

It’s no secret that one of the most frustrating things about the customer experience is telling the same story ten times every time you speak to a different team member. Eradicate those old customer service mistakes and keep everything in one easy-to-use place. You’ll benefit from having a singular account for every customer. Log every important conversation so the rest of the team will never fall behind. 

When you introduce a CRM to your customer service processes, you can say goodbye to tedious repetition and hello to seamless communication.

AI can lend you a helping hand. 

When you have the right CRM on your side, your business processes will transform. Bring together the perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology with your expert team

Your customer service team will be able to pass on case details inter-departmentally so you never need to worry about crossed wires again. By bringing together the insights from sales, marketing and customer service, AI helps your team to solve specific customer problems by intuitively recommending the right information, or handling important processes like refunds. 

A bespoke service for every customer.

There’s no denying the importance of a bespoke customer journey. As we mentioned before, your customer service team will have the sales and marketing insights and analytics at their fingertips meaning you can offer a truly bespoke service to every customer. Using these insights allows your team to get the messaging just right when it comes to nailing what matters to your customers. 

With so many platforms available to us, it can be difficult to know what the best pathway is when it comes to getting in touch with your customers. Sync your communication platforms and offer that little something extra to your customers by being able to chat through their preferred medium. 

Maintaining high standards is what will bring your loyal customers and passengers back every time. Not only will a CRM allow your customer service team to flourish and deliver exceptional service, you will create the perfect synergy between sales, marketing and customer service to create a flawless customer experience. At ixRM, we’re always here to support you. From consultation through to implementation and maintenance, you won’t ever be left out to dry. 

This is the perfect time to make sure your customer service team is getting all they can out of your CRM. It’s never been so easy to be outstanding. 

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